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Home of the Miscowaubik Club. Built as a residence in 1875 and established as the Miscowaubik clubhouse in 1903, the building has undergone several expansions, refurbishments, repairs and re-paintings.

A mechanized chair stands ready to assist handicapped from ground level to first floor.

This cozy little lounge is available just inside the clubhouse entrance.

A century-old grandfather clock chimes the hour and the half-hour.


A fireplace in the main dining area warms the body and the psyche. At right is the west end of the main dining area, set as it might be for one of Miscowaubik's famous Sunday brunches.

A completely equipped, two-lane Bowling Alley, preserves the Club's origins as an 'Athletic Club,' as do the pool tables found in this lovely, paneled room off the main dining area.

For the younger set, the Youth Area in the basement is equipped for a number of activities.

The scene of some hard-fought bridge rubbers, the Card Room is handy for games, work or even a secluded dinner.


A well stocked, expertly staffed, cozy bar is the place to start an evening's festivities, and veteran hostess Gen adds a sparkle to the occasion.



Facilities 'Upstairs' in the Clubhouse include a spacious lounge with fireplace and TV and three private dining rooms serving members and guests numbering a half-dozen up to a couple dozen.

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